She wanted the beauty
of the universe even if
it came with thorns.

She wanted the moon
even if it came with a

D. Antoinette Foy (via transcendentalcaffeination)

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This painting was made by Daniel Barranco Garcia, part of the workshop Los Hijos de la Lluvia in Santiago Pinotepa Nacional, Oaxaca. The imagery represents the main cultures of Pinotepa and the Costa Chica, the indigenous Mixtec culture and the Afromexican culture. 

You are the one i’d let go the other loves for,
surrender my one-woman house.
Allow you red wine in bed,
even with my vintage lace linens.
Maybe. Maybe.

For you.

Sandra Cisneros, “You Bring Out the Mexican in Me”(via hush-syrup)

What’s a fire and why does it— What’s the word —Burn? 

Ariel sketches to animation. 


fuck summer i want it to be dark and misty and frigid and october

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